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Climb into the cockpit with pilot and LinkSquares Chief Legal Officer Tim Parilla, as he invites legal leaders aboard to share advice that will help you navigate even the most turbulent times of in-house counsel work.

Fasten your seatbelt and prepare for takeoff. We’ll cover a range of topics from data privacy, to legal team structure, to public company transactions, and beyond. You don’t want to miss this series.

Tim Parilla Cockpit Counsel

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wellness for legal

Keep Calm and Lawyer On: Wellness Strategies with Stacey Shaw

When stress levels are high and burnout is looming, you need the skills to help yourself and your legal team. Learn tactics for supporting and strengthening your team’s mental health in this episode.

New GC

Tim's Take: How to Tackle Your First 90 Days as a New GC

Check out this video to get CLO Tim Parilla’s take on how to successfully tackle your first 90 days as a new GC. 


Get Compliant with Danielle Maglente

It’s officially 2023 – and staying compliant is top of mind for all in-house teams this year. Ensuring compliance is no small feat, especially on a lean team.

investor relationships

The Ultimate Co-Pilot: Investor Relationships with Brady Broadbent

When your company is fundraising, the legal team is going through an extended interview with potential investors. It’s an interesting dynamic – and what better way to explore it than a conversation between a CLO and an investor that have closed a round together?

legal ops

Taking Your Business to New Heights with Legal Ops

Legal operations is a relatively new field, and best practices are far from one-size-fits-all. Check out this episode of Cockpit Counsel to learn how this highly efficient team is changing the game.

legal AI

Legal AI with Eliana Lee

Learn what goes into developing AI for legal teams on this episode of Cockpit Counsel featuring Eliana Lee, Legal Engineer and AI enthusiast at LinkSquares.

Cockpit Counsel with Sam Nickerson

The Life of a Technical Solutions Attorney with Sam Nickerson

In-house career opportunities extend far beyond the legal team. On this episode of Cockpit Counsel, Sam Nickerson joins Tim Parilla to talk about how she broke into an alternative legal career by joining the team at LinkSquares as a Technical Solutions Attorney (TSA). 

Getting Legal and Sales on the Same Page With Caroline McCarthy

Legal, sales, it’s time to align. In this episode of Cockpit Counsel, Tim Parilla sits down with Caroline McCarthy, LinkSquares Director of Sales, to discuss the importance of the sales/legal relationship.

Legal Career Lessons

Legal Career Lessons with Ari Buchler

Are you looking for sound (and inspiring) career advice? In this episode of Cockpit Counsel, Ari Buchler shares the pivotal lessons learned in his career – including an impressive succession of GC roles.


Beyond the Buzzword of Artificial Intelligence with Rob May

Legal teams need to deploy modern technology, but many don’t know where to start when it comes to AI. We’re here to give you a high-level overview of this complex topic.

Cockpit Counsel

How to Raise a Successful Round with Nir Dagan

What goes into a successful fundraise? The short answer is: A lot. In this episode, you’ll learn from two people who have done it before.

Thriving on a Fast-Paced Legal Team with Brittany Wayne

For those of you working for fast-paced companies, it’s time to kick it into high gear. In this episode, you’ll learn tips for thriving in a fast-paced environment.

Building Your GC Brand with Andy Dale and Danielle Sheer

Building your brand won’t happen by accident. Watch this episode to learn how to build your brand as a GC.

Growing A Legal Team with Jonathan Greenblatt, LinkSquares

Jonathan Greenblatt is the second member of the LinkSquares legal team. Tune in to hear his story and learn about growing a legal function from one to many.

contracts and crypto

Contracts and Crypto with Dave Balter, Flipside Crypto

The crypto industry operates with different principles related to contract requirements. This episode with Dave Balter, CEO at Flipside Crypto, will discuss all things contracts and cryptocurrency.

Public Company Transactions with Danielle Sheer, Bottomline

Check out this episode to learn about public company transactions from Danielle Sheer, GC at Bottomline Technologies, formerly the GC at Carbonite. Danielle played a critical role in leading the company to IPO. Watch now to hear her story. 

Data Privacy with Andy Dale, Alyce

Watch this episode to get to know Andy Dale, GC and Chief Privacy Officer at Alyce, hear his advice for in-house legal teams, and learn about data privacy.

How We Used LinkSquares to Accelerate Our Series B Fundraising

In this episode, Vishal and Tim share their fundraising playbook and discuss tips and tricks to help you accelerate any funding or M&A activity you have coming up.

About the Host

Tim Parilla

As Chief Legal Officer, Tim oversees LinkSquares’ legal posture and acts as a strategic advisor to the company’s management and corporate counsel customer base.

He previously spent seven years as General Counsel for DraftKings, where he scaled the legal function and managed the company’s legal posture throughout numerous financing and fundraising rounds, litigation, and regulatory actions, at both the state and federal level, including the high profile legal challenges the company faced in 2015 alongside the explosion in popularity of daily fantasy sports and strategic acquisitions. Prior to DraftKings, Tim was General Counsel for Everest Gaming, a European-based online poker and casino operator, and was also a founder of a company in the cryptocurrency space.

Tim Parilla Cockpit Counsel