Cockpit Counsel

Advancing ESG Initiatives with G2 Venture Partners

Cockpit Counsel

Advancing ESG Initiatives with G2 Venture Partners


In this episode of Cockpit Counsel, Tim Parilla will sit down with Jake Tauscher, Partner at G2 Venture Partners. They’ll discuss Jake’s career path, G2’s investing philosophy, and the characteristics of impressive attorneys from an investor’s perspective. Jake will also dive into how the legal function can contribute to the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals of the company, and share valuable knowledge on how to align legal strategies with sustainable business practices.

Key takeaways

  • How to set the right tone for the diligence process
  • Operationalizing ESG in contracts
  • #1 tip for legal leaders to advance ESG initiatives
  • And more!


00:00 | Introduction

00:47 | What is your preflight ritual?

02:22 | Tell us a bit about your career path

05:22 | What was the shift like moving from private equity to venture capital? 

08:01 | Generating value and impact

09:15 | Can you tell us about the investing philosophy at G2?

13:47 | What are some traits of a great pitch?

15:46 | From an ESG perspective, what should a GC be thinking about? 

20:38 | What are some characteristics of attorneys that have impressed you in the pitching process?

24:35 | Creating an effective data room

28:03 | What is your hot take on working with legal as a VC?

31:45 | What is your number one tip for legal leaders to advance ESG initiatives?

34:41 | What time management tips do you have for a busy leader?

Tim Parilla

Tim Parilla

Chief Legal Officer | LinkSquares

jake tausher headshot

Jake Tausher

Partner | G2 Ventures

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