Tackle Your Contract Challenges with LinkSquares

LinkSquares was built from the ground up to make it easier for you to address your contract-related challenges, from the routine to the unexpected.

Crisis Management

Respond to crises faster with instant access to critical contract data while preventing future crises by drafting stronger contracts.

React Quickly

Contract Review

Work smarter, not harder. Automate the first read of your contracts, review redlines to easily compare documents, and minimize risk during review.

Automate Contract Review
LinkSquares AI Powered Contract Review

Contract Storage

Keep every contract — including in-flight agreements — centrally organized inside a secure repository for immediate access.

Get Organized

Data Privacy & Compliance

Adapt quickly to the evolving regulatory landscape with immediate access to your existing contract terms and easily update your standard clauses.

Stay Compliant

Deal Acceleration

Use self-service drafting and our comprehensive Salesforce integration to get contracts written faster and signed sooner.

Get Going

Fundraising and M&A

Accelerate your disclosures and due diligence with organized, actionable contract data.

Get Started

Third Party Paper Management

Closely track all third-party contract negotiations and automatically parse signed contracts for fast assessment of rights and risks.

Start Tracking
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