Level up your contract data with LinkSquares API

Integrating LinkSquares with any third-party app enables teams like finance and sales to import key contract terms and data in the platforms they use most—no wild goose chase necessary.



LinkSquares API contract data

Cut out costly bottlenecks

Remove legal as the sole contract-whisperer, freeing yourself to focus on strategic tasks (or what’s for lunch).

LinkSquares team

Keep your cross-functional teams functional

By connecting LinkSquares with platforms like Netsuite, Sales can easily find renewal and payment terms to execute deals quickly.

From lost to found in minutes

LinkSquares API pulls agreements scattered across storage clouds directly into your repository. Never miss a contract – or a tee time – again.

... and more

Not sure if you’ll need to use the API to connect your preferred system to LinkSquares? Check out our list of native integrations.

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