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Build a better foundation for every relationship you enter into. Write better contracts, close deals faster, and understand everything that's been agreed to all from one, easy-to-use platform.


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Write Better Contracts, Faster

Finalize documents faster through full visibility into the review and approval chain. You can empower your entire company to create better contracts faster through self-service drafting of contracts with pre-approved language.

Understand What's In Your Contracts

Understand what's in contracts through AI-powered data extraction and full-text search. Reduce time and money spent on manual contract management through automated data extraction, naming, and organization.
Standardize Contract Language

Standardize Contract Language

Store and find pre-approved clauses to reduce risk and save time when creating new contracts. Give your team a single, easy-to-use repository.

Focus on legal work, not administrative tasks

Automate your repetitive tasks and get powerful insights into your contracts, quickly.

Metadata Extraction
Powerful Text Search
Automatic Classification
Custom Reporting
Secure Contract Storage

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Completed Acquisition of CloudHealth Technologies in Three Weeks Using LinkSquares

VMware completes acquisition of CloudHealth Technologies in three weeks using LinkSquares.

Uses LinkSquares to Save Money, Streamline Processes, and Have Peace of Mind.

Cogito uses LinkSquares to respond quicker to business needs and reliably assess the risk profile of contracts with confidence. Learn how this translates to cost and time savings for them.

Reduces Time Spent Searching for Information in Contracts by 50%

Asurion uses LinkSquares to take the manual work out of contract management and analysis. Their team is able to easily and quickly pull reports based on key terms.

LinkSquares was recognized in

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