Take your legal team
into the 22nd century

Take your legal team into the 22nd century

Legal tech for humans. Powered by AI.

LinkSquares Forrester report wave leader 2023 contract lifecycle managment

LinkSquares Prioritize is here!

Manage, track, and report on your work with a project management tool built for legal.

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All your legal needs. All in one place.

Streamline your legal processes and close deals at warp speed with LinkSquares.



Quickly craft, review, and approve agreements using customizable templates and dynamic workflows.



Set up documents in seconds with our seamless interface, then execute your contracts in an instant with real-time visibility.



Extract data, reduce risk, boost revenue, and gain AI-powered insights into every contract.



Receive, track, and manage legal tasks in one place. Ditch manual processes and save time.

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Artificial Intelligence

Real knowledge

LinkSquares AI tackles the nitty-gritty of legal documents to help you find what you need, faster, transforming the way pre-signature and post-signature contracting is done.

Turbocharge your contracts (and your company).

Real knowledge

Feel Disorganized?

Get centralized

Access all of your pre-signature and post-signature contracts and data in one place, with built-in collaboration tools to keep things moving smoothly.

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Lacking Visibility?

Get insight

From tracking internal metrics to running critical reports, our AI lets you access the information that matters most, turning your documents into hyperpowered strategic assets.

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Workflows outdated?

Get automated

Create customizable, scaleable workflows for assigning tasks and draft better contracts with automated reviews.

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Trusted by some of the world’s biggest companies

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Customer stories

Dean Fiotto


“Being able to locate specific contract information and to draft agreements at the rate LinkSquares allows is huge. Our business moves quickly, and we have to be quick, too.”

Alex Britton


“I can’t even explain how much easier my life is with large scale contract analysis in LinkSquares… [it’s] serving the role of a full-time employee; the seventh person on my team.”

Melissa Fisher


“LinkSquares is a great fit for both early- and later-stage firms because it has everything you need, is easy to use for legal and non-legal folks alike, and can scale quickly for fast growing companies...”

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