Unleash the Power of Your Contracts

Write better legal agreements, close deals faster, and understand every aspect of every contract, all with LinkSquares.

Contracts power your business. Let LinkSquares super-power your contracts.

We manage the contracts of some of the world's best companies

Insight into every contract

LinkSquares reads, analyzes, and then extracts structured data from every contract. The result is more than just the best full-text contract search on the market. LinkSquares offers interactive Dashboards and custom reports that put your contract data to work.

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Accelerate your contract lifecycle

LinkSquares adds automation and insights to every step of your contract lifecycle. Draft easier, review faster, and execute agreements sooner.

LinkSquares does everything but write a contract for you. (And we’re working on that, too.)

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Work together by working anywhere

LinkSquares can integrate with your team’s favorite tools – inside Legal and out – to shorten the learning curve and empower collaboration.

Create contracts in Salesforce, execute them in DocuSign, and organize it all in SharePoint. LinkSquares makes your existing software better.

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From creation to expiration, LinkSquares has you covered

LinkSquares Analyze

Unlock your contract data

Use cutting-edge AI to analyze your contracts, extract critical insights that can move your business forward, and enjoy search and reporting features optimized for legal teams.

Contracts become strategic assets with LinkSquares Analyze.

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LinkSquares Finalize

Write better contracts, faster

Build standardized contract templates. Develop a library of contract clauses for every use case. Construct a tailored contract workflow.

From drafting to redlines to execution, you can perfect your contract lifecycle with LinkSquares Finalize.

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