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Centralize contract creation

Maintain a single source of truth for all your contract creation needs

Streamline contract processes


Customize your workflows

Create unlimited, flexible workflows through templates that empower self-service drafting

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Quickly and seamlessly access the power of Finalize without leaving Salesforce or Word

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Everything you need to get agreements out the door, at your fingertips


AI-powered contract review

Accelerate and automate third-party paper review with AI-driven insights that identify important clauses and get agreements (and you) out the door.

“With LinkSquares, we’ve cut the time it takes to get an employment contract out the door by more than 50%.”

— RJ Marse, Associate GC, Product and Operations, Dispatch Health


Check off your to-do’s and move agreements along

Manage the review process with approvals and tasks in one place, and never accidentally send the wrong contract. With clear agreement statuses, monitor the progress of key contracts and never guess where they stand.

“With LinkSquares, we’re minimizing risk and optimizing revenue while reducing time to signature by 50%.”

— Danielle Sheer, Chief Legal Officer, Commvault


Full visibility into all your contracts, at all times

Use real-time data to visualize your contract creation process from end-to-end, and identify bottlenecks to see what’s working vs what’s not to make process improvements.

“Dashboards enable them to see exactly where each contract is in the drafting cycle, track trends, and identify specific areas of improvement.”

— Melissa Snyder, Corporate Counsel, Esusu


Empower cross-team collaboration

Seamlessly collaborate with stakeholders across the business with in-app chat and email, without leaving Finalize.

“We’re always working off the latest agreement version, all communications are captured in one place, and I can easily tag the stakeholders to look at particular parts of the contract.”

— Kristen Shaheen, GC, Playvox

LinkSquares API

Extend the power of Finalize to your third-party tools

The LinkSquares Finalize API unlocks the ability to build integrations to draft or request contracts from other systems, add attachments to existing agreements, and view contract updates such as status and agreement versions from other systems.


LinkSquares templates accelerate contracting and enforce compliance with healthcare regulations across 30 states for Dispatch Health

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LinkSquares' Salesforce integration empowers Commvault's sales team to self-service agreements and gain visibility

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LinkSquares allows the legal team of one at Playvox to meet the needs of the organization

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What makes Finalize different?

Integrated with a best-in-class contract repository Finalize is seamlessly integrated with the leading contract management repository, LinkSquares Analyze, which has a proven track record in utilizing AI for post-signature contract analysis and management. Analyze can extract a wider range of data from contracts, enabling businesses to overcome unique business challenges.
Review contracts without leaving Microsoft Word Finalize allows legal teams to draft and edit contracts, and create tasks and approvals, all without ever leaving Microsoft Word, their preferred tool.
Partner effectively with sales teams with the Salesforce Integration The Salesforce integration allows sales teams to remain in Salesforce for requesting, reviewing, or sending agreements, with robust support from our team.
Easy to adopt and quick time-to-value Finalize is consistently ranked as one of the easiest-to-use tools on the CLM market. Finalize is powerful, but simple to use and brings a fast time-to-value, something which is highly valued by fast-growing organizations who are investing in CLM software. 
Flexible e-signature solution Finalize provides organizations the flexibility to “choose their own adventure” when it comes to an e-signature solution. Customers can choose to integrate with DocuSign, Adobe Sign, or they can choose to use the native e-signature solution provided by LinkSquares, Sign. 
Unlimited and customized workflows Finalize offers unlimited workflow options, allowing teams to create bespoke templates for their unique business case. 
Unlimited tech support and a dedicated CSM All LinkSquares customers have access to unlimited tech support and a dedicated customer success manager, ensuring you get the most out of the tools.

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