Write better contracts, faster, with LinkSquares Finalize

Write, review, and approve contracts with full visibility–from first draft to final signature. Your legal team will thank you.

Create customizable contracts

Easily draft agreements using pre-approved templates, tailored drafting workflows, and a centralized Clause Library with vetted standard clauses.

Automate the first pass of contract review

Accelerate third-party paper review with AI-driven insights that identify important clauses and get agreements (and you) out the door.

Explore AI-Powered Contract Review

Always know where your contracts are

Finalize features a real-time status of every contract, a detailed history of every turn of your contract, and a customized Dashboard of actionable reports.

Empower cross-team collaboration

Finalize provides full visibility into contract status for all contributors, helping your legal team field contract requests and communicate with stakeholders inside and outside the company.

Work in the tools you know best

Finalize integrates with your existing software tools, letting you keep every aspect of the contract process in one place. Zip, zap, done.

Integrate LinkSquares
" With Finalize, [our researchers] can now self-service their agreements with our Finalize templates and easily request reviews of third-party agreements. The templates are so intuitive and provide so much guidance that they can initiate just a couple contracts a year and yet never forget how it works."
Dr. Melissa Fisher
VP, Intellectual Property
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