AI-Powered Contract Review in LinkSquares Finalize

Speed up your contract review process with more insights and data than any other pre-signature solution on the market.

The first end-to-end CLM powered by AI

LinkSquares has extended the power of AI from Analyze, our post-signature tool, into Finalize. AI-Powered Contract Review in Finalize speeds up legal processes by automating the first pass of contract review.

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LinkSquares AI Powered Contract Review

Accelerate third-party contract review

Run an efficient contract review process by quickly identifying specific clauses that require your attention. Automatically pull key contract terms and get to signature faster.

LinkSquares AI Powered Contract Review

Actionable insight at your fingertips

With more insight into your in-process agreements, legal teams can hone in on key contract areas with high-level outlines of the most important information.

Minimize risk in your review process

With comprehensive contract summaries made up of your Smart Values, legal teams can review key contract terms without missing a beat. Leave no stone left unturned through your review process. 

LinkSquares AI Powered Contract Review
"We chose LinkSquares because it had the best AI driving an efficient contracting process. LinkSquares AI-Powered Contract Review will empower our legal team to quickly review what’s most important, dramatically shortening the review process."
Noel Chapman
Assistant Director of Legal Affairs
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