Speed up contract review and negotiation with the power of AI

Zip through reviews and redlines with AI-powered contract review and get agreements out the door in record time.

Let AI do the heavy lifting.

We’ve infused the power of Generative AI into our Microsoft Word integration, so you can supercharge your contract review without leaving the drafting tool of choice for legal teams.

Gen AI Agreement Summary & Key Points

Have actionable insight at your fingertips.

With more insight into your in-process agreements, legal teams can hone in on key contract areas with high-level outlines of the most important information.

Save time during negotiation and redlining.

Quickly review an AI-generated summary of counterparty redlines to understand their position and changes at a glance. Or, if you see language that violates your preferred playbook, let the AI know what you’re looking to change and it will generate suggested language for you.

Gen AI Redline Summarization
Gen AI Clause Generation

Never start from scratch again — let the AI take the first pass.

You shouldn’t have to start from scratch every time you draft or negotiate a new contract — let AI do the heavy lifting. Just tell the AI what you’re looking to create, like “draft a non-solicitation clause”, and it will generate suggested language for you.

AI built to support every part of your day.

Our approach to AI focuses on the holistic legal professional, going beyond just contracts and extending into legal project management. Our Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) platform combines native AI built exclusively for legal teams with generative AI technology to enhance legal workflows while ensuring accuracy and compliance.

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