Automate away repetitive tasks.

Caught in the endless loop of switching between platforms? With LinkSquares, you’re not. Draft, review, and approve contracts in Microsoft Word — on your desktop or in your browser.

Agreement Summary & Key Points - Commercial Lease
Collaboration in Microsoft Word

Collaborate with ease.

Keep teams on the same page while drafting agreements. Receive LinkSquares notifications and comments natively in Word, and edit contracts simultaneously with Office 365 so you never miss a thing.

Minimize the risk of uploading and downloading different document versions by integrating Word with LinkSquares. Easily find and edit agreements in Word — on your desktop or browser — and save them back into Finalize without having to download the file.

Surface comprehensive version tracking and agreement details as you work on them.

LinkSquares Integration with Microsoft Word
Agreement Summary & Key Points - Commercial Lease

Speed up review with AI-powered contract review

Review AI-generated summaries or ask questions for instant insight into your agreements.

Let the AI take the first pass at redlines, reviewing agreements against your preferred positions, flagging deviations, and proposing redlines. Or get an at-a-glance understanding of the counterparty’s position with an AI-generated summary of counterparty redlines.

And it doesn’t end with Word.

Integrate every level of your tech stack and power up your contracting process.

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