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Bottomline's Legal team saves 5 to 10 hours a week using LinkSquares for contract review and analysis.

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EDB uses LinkSquares to Draft, Finalize, and Uncover Insights From 4,000+ Global Contracts

EnterpriseDB uses LinkSquares to surface key insights from over 4,000 contracts and enable over 100 salespeople worldwide to draft, request, and execute contracts.

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BenchPrep Uses LinkSquares to Successfully Scale Their Legal Function

BenchPrep uses LinkSquares to efficiently scale the company's legal function and save time for stakeholders across the organization.

Bottomline Uncovers Hard-to-Find Contract Data to Drive Company Strategy with LinkSquares

Bottomline Technologies uses LinkSquares to surface hard-to-find data within their contracts, develop strategic direction for the company, and collaborate across teams.

TechData Uses LinkSquares to Run a Global, Remote Legal Team and Streamline Operations

TechData uses LinkSquares to streamline legal operations for a remote, global team enabling them to reduce the time spent on research projects and contract analysis. Learn how this translates to time savings for them.

DataRobot Eliminates Manual Processes in Contract Management with LinkSquares

DataRobot uses LinkSquares to improve information retrieval and accessibility with faster, more precise search capabilities.

Cogito Uses LinkSquares to Improve Efficiencies that Equate to $30,000 a Year in Savings

Cogito uses LinkSquares to respond quicker to business needs and reliably assess the risk profile of contracts with confidence. Learn how this translates to cost and time savings for them.

Asurion Reduces Time Spent on Contract Review by 50% with LinkSquares

Asurion uses LinkSquares to take the manual work out of contract management and analysis. Their team is able to easily and quickly pull reports based on key terms.

VMware Completes Fastest M&A in Company History Using LinkSquares

VMware completes acquisition of CloudHealth Technologies in three weeks using LinkSquares.

LinkSquares Allows SessionM to Work in the Tools They Know Best to Help Save Resources and Time

LinkSquares integrates with SessionM's existing business solutions to optimize their organization's contract management process.

LinkSquares Helps DraftKings Grow and Scale Their 350+ Person Business

DraftKings searches thousands of PDF contracts for terms and keywords in seconds with the LinkSquares Contract Analytics Cloud.

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