Make data-driven, strategic decisions with LinkSquares Dashboards. 

Improve your team’s efficiency and report on key business metrics with our customizable, in-app business intelligence tool. 

Dashboards provide intuitive contract management insights for planning and reporting

Report on key dates, names, and clauses for a full view of your portfolio, fueled by LinkSquares AI-driven Smart Values.

Smart Values
contract management analytics dashboards

Uncover bottlenecks in your contracting process

Accelerate time to close by uncovering key insights for your team. Quickly see who creates the most agreements, how long it takes to approve them, and who takes the longest to review and approve. Put the data from LinkSquares Finalize to work and identify opportunities for process improvement.

Eliminate guesswork and make data-driven decisions

Find answers to critical questions all in one spot with Dashboards. Empower your team to make strategic, data-driven decisions with data at their fingertips. Uncover valuable insights from agreements in LinkSquares Analyze: 

  • How many renewals do you have each quarter?

  • How many contracts are created from your templates vs third-party paper?

  • How many contracts contain Service Agreement Uptime Commitments or Force Majeure Exceptions?

  • And more!

contract visibility with linksquares
LinkSquares contract management

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