Drive insights with Smart Values

We automatically pull out 100+ critical pieces of data, called Smart Values, from your contracts, providing immediate insight into your legal commitments through custom, portfolio-wide search, and reporting.

Extract vital information from every contract

Transform static documents into actionable data by pulling out the information that matters to you for fast and easy access to critical insights across individual contracts or your entire portfolio.

LinkSquare Smart Values

Respond faster to business needs

Pairing Smart Values with custom reporting and full-text and term search means you can get the answers you need in seconds without manually combing through hundreds or thousands of contracts.

Provide insights across departments

Contracts affect your entire company, from finance to sales and beyond. Empower your legal team to pull the information needed by these teams and build custom reports and dashboards to drive cross-company transparency, collaboration, and success.

LinkSquare Smart Values

100+ Smart Values at your fingertips

With 100+ Smart Values, your legal team can quickly uncover hard-to-find terms, dates, and information that are crucial to the success of your business.

General Information

Track basic contact information – such as Parties or Contract Title – to gain visibility into the overall makeup of your contract.

Key Contract Dates & Terms

Uncover and monitor key contract dates and terms – such as Contract Term and Termination Date – to understand the timeframe of your legal obligations and plan accordingly.

Contract Renewal

Monitor renewal dates to proactively plan for upcoming financial obligations.

Contract Termination

Understand stipulations such as the Termination Clause within your contracts to better plan for end dates and note the terms upon which you can end contractual obligations.


Identify key restrictions around Party information by extracting clauses like Confidentiality.

Customer Data

Evaluate how customer data may be collected and used to improve services and if consent is required.

Data Security & Data Privacy

Assess risk exposure and security commitments tied to protecting your customers’ data with Data Breach Notification Clause and Data Security Clause.


Gain insight into your liability obligations should there be a breach of contract.

Pricing and Payment

Track payment terms for third-party contracts to appropriately plan invoices, payments, and financial obligations.

Intellectual Property Rights

Determine IP protection and obligations using insights into IP Rights Clause to ensure proper ownership is assigned to protect creations and inventions.

Specialized Clauses

Surface specialized contractual clauses such as Force Majeure Clause to identify continued financial commitment or right to termination.


Leverage Non-Solicitation Clause to identify fundamental limitations in your third-party contracts.

Assignment & Change of Control

Uncover contractual obligations, duties, and rights associated with a change of control during key business events – such as Mergers & Acquisitions – so you can notify all parties accordingly.

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