Use LinkSquares for Crisis Management

Respond to crises faster with instant access to critical contract data. Prevent future crises by writing better, smarter contracts.

In a crisis, immediately understand your obligations

When a crisis hits, what are your notification obligations? Does a specific event constitute Force Majeure? Can you legally suspend performance? Quickly find the answers you need with deep insight into your contract data.

Get the information to those who need it

From customers to regulators, investors to your own executive team, everyone is entitled to different information (in different formats) when a crisis hits.

With LinkSquares, you can summarize your contract obligations, build disclosure schedules, and prioritize your tasks in just a handful of clicks.

Manage forward-looking risk performance

Bake lower-risk, standardized language into your contracts by drafting agreements with pre-approved templates and a centralized Clause Library.

For ongoing contract management, set up reports to monitor risk markers across your portfolio so you can take action before a crisis hits.

Want to learn more about how LinkSquares can help you respond faster to crises and prevent future ones?

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