Drive efficiency with end-to-end contract management

Reduce manual work by bringing your entire contracting process into LinkSquares for centralized documents, visibility into your portfolio and processes, and task automation.

Accelerate deals with template-based drafting

With LinkSquares Finalize, our customizable templates, Clause Library, and automated approval workflows enable faster contract creation and secure self-service drafting.

contract management with linksquares

Centralize your portfolio

Executed contracts automatically flow from Finalize to your contract repository in LinkSquares Analyze, ensuring that all your agreements are stored in the same place. This also reduces the hassle of manual work, limits the risk of versioning issues, and creates a single source of truth.


Get visibility across every contract

With your pre-signature and post-signature contracts stored in LinkSquares, you can quickly get critical visibility into what’s in your contracts and where your processes are getting stuck.

contract management analytics dashboards

Automate manual tasks to save time

From routing contract drafts to the appropriate reviewer to allowing AI to extract and organize key pieces of information, our powerful solutions allow you to pre-set specific tasks so you focus on higher value needs.

Work where you want to

LinkSquares integrates with many of the most popular tools, like Salesforce and DocuSign, to enhance your preferred workflows and make it easier for teams across your company to engage with Legal.

LinkSquares Salesforce Integration
LinkSquares contract management

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