Powerful insights. Faster answers.

An AI-powered contract repository that keeps you organized and your workflows automated.

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Secure Contract Storage

Centralize your contracts in one place and secure them with granular permissions.


AI-Powered Contract Analysis

Transform your contract repository into a searchable database where you can find answers to your contract questions, fast.


Data-Driven Decisions

Share AI-powered reports and dashboards with your entire team, bringing a new level of transparency to your contracts.

Bring your contracts into the 22nd century


Digitize your contracts in minutes

Smart OCR turns even the most illegible documents into readable, searchable text, setting the foundation for crisp contract analysis.


Organize your files for accurate search

Analyze’s Smart Administration automatically renames, type-classifies, and tags contracts, keeping your repository nice and tidy.


Turn your repository into a searchable powerhouse

LinkSquares AI extracts data from your digitized files and turns them into Smart Values – so your entire portfolio can be searched and tracked in seconds.

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Analyze Integrations

Work where you want

LinkSquares Analyze integrates with popular storage tools like Google Drive, Box, and more. Share contract data between Analyze and Salesforce to keep your sales team in the loop, or pick another tool you love and connect it with the Analyze API.

“I love Analyze for the easy and accurate searchability. I can find any contract I need in seconds and immediately visualize relevant clauses without having to scan through the whole agreement.”

Melissa Fisher

VP, Intellectual Property, ADArx