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Make your contracts work for you. (Literally.)

Analyze uses AI to extract Smart Values (like renewal terms and effective dates) from any agreement and automatically organizes your contracts in a secure, central repository. You can even run reports across your entire legal portfolio in like, two clicks. 

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Find what you need in a flash

Sure, you could keep digging through contracts for the information you’re after. Or you could utilize Analyze’s custom reporting with full-text search to discover key info and actionable insights in seconds. Up to you.

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Integrate with the tools your team is using

Analyze is fully compatible with most popular online document storage systems and e-signature tools, so you can stick with the software applications you already know.

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The Analyze Advantage

White glove onboarding
  • Personalized onboarding process
  • Your own dedicated specialist
  • Get up and running in as little as 30 days
AI-powered analysis
  • Turns any scanned PDF to searchable text
  • Extracts Smart Values from every document
  • Delivers actionable insights with full-text search, reporting, and dashboards
Secure document storage
  • Create a single contract repository
  • Back it up to a private cloud
  • Encrypt everything for maximum security
"Our team can easily and quickly pull reports based on key terms and perform full-text search on any document. [LinkSquares Analyze] saves us hours of time each week and allows us to focus on more important tasks."
Beau Sylvester
Legal Operations
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