Smart OCR

How is LinkSquares OCR different (and why does your legal team need it for contract management)?

Turn your scanned documents into readable, searchable text with LinkSquares proprietary Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. With our Smart OCR, you can edit, search, and analyze any contract, even a scanned PDF.

What is OCR?

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology reads text from images. With OCR, you can convert PDFs, faxes, and even photographs of documents into searchable text files. Let your team edit and search a document, even if it’s a blurry scan or photo.

A video showing the product analyze a pdf, import the agreement, and extract key values

What can OCR do?

Without OCR, manual reviews of non-digital contracts are time-consuming and costly. With our Smart OCR, customers can easily run a full-text search of any document and create customized reports. Digitizing contracts enables LinkSquares AI to extract and identify hundreds of critical pieces of contract data. Don’t miss crucial information due to human error.

LinkSquares Smart OCR is hyper-focused on 99% accuracy, compared to traditional OCRs at 70 - 80% accuracy

LinkSquares has the best OCR software: built for lawyers with lawyers

Trained on millions of legal documents and fine-tuned for legal language, our Smart OCR is hyper-focused on maintaining a 99% accuracy rate to eliminate time spent on reviews.


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