Save light years with Contract Visibility

Contract visibility

Save light years with increased contract visibility.

Digging through endless pages to find key contract info? Put down the shovel and pick up LinkSquares.

A graph showing the presence of smart values in stored agreements

Smart(er) Values

Our AI extracts and analyzes more than 100 pieces of critical data — we call them Smart Values — typically buried in contracts and allows for advanced search and reporting capabilities across your entire portfolio.

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See everything in your contracts.

LinkSquares gives you better visibility by leveraging AI to build an at-a-glance summary of governing terms across your agreements

Quickly scan an overview of a contract's agreements and terms
A user navigates dashboards in LinkSquares to get concrete information about their contracts at a glance

Get data snapshots.

Quickly measure the health and impact of your contracts with executive-level summaries and visuals the whole organization can use.

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