Manage third-party contracts

Seamlessly draft, track, and store third-party agreements alongside first-party contracts for better visibility and efficiency.

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Third Party Contract Management

Accelerate your third-party review process.

Review third-party contracts using the same review process as your own agreements. Automate the first pass of your review with AI. Track every turn of your contracts in a centralized contract drafting tool that’s like, totally kickass.

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De-risk your third-party agreements

LinkSquares allows you to search and categorize every agreement—including non-standard clauses often found in third-party agreements— in your repository, so you can identify the risks and liabilities in every deal.

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Contract Management
Third Party Contract Management

Save preferred language for faster drafting and negotiations

“Talent borrows, genius steals.” – a genius. With the LinkSquares, your legal team can save clauses they like from third-party contracts for future use. Contract creation  goes faster. Partner negotiations get easier. Bing, bang, done.

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