Work With Any Type of Agreement, Even Third Party Paper

LinkSquares is an AI-Powered CLM that allows you to seamlessly create, track, and store your third-party agreements.

Gain full visibility into your third-party contracts with LinkSquares Finalize

You’re not always working off your own agreements; sometimes a deal is defined on third-party paper. LinkSquares Finalize lets you subject third-party contracts to the same review process as your in-house agreements. With Finalize, you can track every contract you’re drafting, redlining, or executing without any third-party contracts slipping through the cracks.

Mitigate the risk from third-party agreements with LinkSquares Analyze

Working on third-party paper means your legal team is not in control of the terminology and details included in the agreement. LinkSquares Analyze allows you to parse and categorize every agreement in your contract repository – including third party agreements – so you can identify the legal liabilities and risks of every deal, even the ones on outside paper.

Maximize success with the LinkSquares Clause Library

Talent borrows, genius steals. With the LinkSquares Clause Library, your legal team can save and tag clauses from third-party contracts for use in drafting future agreements. Contract development goes faster and partner negotiations get easier when you include someone else’s own preferred language in your next deal.

Learn more about how LinkSquares can help your team manage your third party paper agreements.

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