Store all your contracts in one place, on one platform

Extract insights, build reports, and collaborate seamlessly in a single centralized contract repository powered by AI. It’s the future of contract storage, and it’s awesome.

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LinkSquares Contract Storage

Boom! Insights at the click of a button

Our homegrown AI automatically pulls 100+ specific dates, terms, and clauses from your contracts for deep search and reporting capabilities. We call them Smart Values, but you can call them whatever you want.

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LinkSquares Analyze Agreements
LinkSquares Contract Storage

Stay organized with the awesome power of AI

Extract key pieces of information and label contracts auto-magically for next-level organization. Eliminate manual work while providing reliable search and reporting capabilities.

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LinkSquares plays well with others

Our CLM Integrates with all your favorite tools, from Salesforce to DocuSign (and many more). Learn more about our sweet integrations here.

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Mixing up deadlines? Not anymore, you’re not

Get a high-level (we’re talking International Space Station-high) view of important dates across your entire contract portfolio. Our calendar view automatically shows you upcoming terminations and renewal dates so you never miss a deadline.

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Contract Storage Security

Keep your docs (and reputation) secure

Protect what’s confidential, reduce the risk of fines, and encourage collaboration with our comprehensive role permissions and best-in-class security measures, including SOC 2 compliance.

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