Contract Management Resources

Here’s a list of all the resources we’ve gathered to help you understand your contracts better.

The Link: Edition 3

Check out the third edition of our quarterly publication covering all things related to legal teams, legal tech, and legal topics you need to know about.

How to Expose (And Eliminate) Hidden Risks in Your Contracts With Contract Management Software

In this eBook, we highlight some of the most concerning (and hidden) risks and how contract management software can help uncover them. 

How to Use LinkSquares to Improve Your Cybersecurity

In this eBook, we’ll outline how you can use LinkSquares to improve your contract management and your cybersecurity posture.

The 'Other' Contract Management Problem: Why Healthcare Businesses Need Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

In this eBook, discuss the problems that CLM solutions can solve for healthcare companies.

The New General Counsel Playbook: How Next-gen Tech is Enabling GCs to Drive Real Enterprise Value Quickly

In this eBook, we’ll cover how next-gen tech is enabling GCs to drive real enterprise value quickly.

How to Calculate the ROI of Contract Management Software

Trying to accurately calculate the ROI of contract management software isn’t always straightforward. Here’s a helpful way to calculate ROI in terms of revenue, expenses, and time.

Closing the Quarter Strong: How Legal Can Work with Sales to Close More Deals, Faster

In this eBook, we’ll go over how Legal can work with Sales to close more deals, faster.

The Link: Edition 2

Check out the second edition of our quarterly publication covering all things related to legal teams, legal tech, and legal topics you need to know about.

How General Counsels Can (and Should) Help Companies Raise Funding Rounds

In this eBook, go over how General Counsels can help companies raise funding rounds.

The Importance of Reliable OCR Processes for Legal Teams

In this eBook, we’ll discuss the importance of reliable OCR processes for legal teams.

The Importance of 'Time to Value' When Evaluating Contract Management Software

In this eBook, we’ll go over the importance of ‘time to value’ when evaluating contract management software.

How Powerful AI Transforms Contract Management Processes

In this eBook, we’ll cover how powerful AI transforms contract management processes.

How to Evaluate Contract Management Solutions

In this guide, we’ll go over how to effectively evaluate contract management solutions.

The Link: Edition 1

Check out the first edition of our quarterly publication covering all things related to legal teams, legal tech, and legal topics you need to know about.

Why Collaboration Is the Key to Building an Efficient Legal Team

In this eBook, we’ll discuss the importance of collaboration when building an efficient legal team.

How to Turn Your Legal Team Into Your Sales Team's Secret Weapon

In this eBook, we’ll outline 3 steps to turn your legal team into your sales team’s secret weapon.

The Importance of Standardizing Contract Language

In this eBook, we’ll take a look at what standardization means, the issues it can prevent, and how it can ultimately transform legal practices for the better.

Mitigating Risk: Why Your Legal Team Needs to Know What’s on Third-Party Paper (and How to Figure It Out)

In this eBook, we’ll cover why your legal team needs to know what’s on third-party paper and how to figure it out.

How to Keep Your Contracts Compliant in the Modern Regulatory Environment

In this eBook, we’ll outline how to keep your contracts compliant in the modern regulatory environment.

What is "Legal Ops" and Why Do You Need It?

In this eBook, we’ll go over what “Legal Ops” is and why you need it.

2020 at LinkSquares

Businesses across the board were forced to evolve in 2020. This is a great time to reflect on the positive things that happened as a result.

How to Make Your Contracts GDPR Compliant (And Keep Them That Way)

In this eBook, we’ll outline how to make your contracts GDPR compliant and how to keep them that way.

How to "Future-Proof" Your Contract Language

In this eBook, we’ll outline how to “future-proof” your contract language.

4 Steps to Effectively Auditing Customer Contracts

In this eBook, we’ll outline 4 steps to effectively audit your customer contracts.

Adobe Sign vs. DocuSign vs. HelloSign vs. PandaDoc: Which is Better for Your Legal Team?

In this eBook, we look at Adobe Sign vs. DocuSign vs. HelloSign vs. PandaDoc to help you evaluate which is better for your legal team.

4 Steps to Effectively Audit Your Company’s Contracts

In this eBook, we’ll outline the 4 steps to effectively audit your company’s contracts.

The 3 Keys to Running a Remote Legal Team

In this eBook, we’ll outline the 3 keys to running a remote legal team.

20 Key Metrics Every Legal Team Should Track

In this eBook, we’ll outline 20 KPIs that legal teams should be tracking so they can account for their own business impact.

10 Contract Terms You Need to Turn Into Data

In this eBook, we’ll outline 10 common contract terms that you should be converting into actionable structured data.

The Executive Guide to Preventing and Surviving Data Breaches

In this eBook, we’ll outline the three steps an executive team should take to prevent and survive a data breach.

Understanding OCR and Why It's Important

In this eBook, we will breakdown what OCR is, why you need it, and an overview of what’s on the market today.

The Current State of Contract Management Report

This report can be used to provide a benchmark for how industry peers are handling contract management from a strategic standpoint.

The 6 Ways Contracts "Get Stuck" and 6 Ways to Fix Them

In this eBook, we’ll identify the six stages of the contract lifecycle, note the most common reasons contracts get “stuck” in each stage, and suggest the tools and techniques that can alleviate the slowdowns in your contract workflow.

How To Identify Non-Standard Language in Analyze

View a detailed video showing how you can identify non-standard language with Analyze.

Identifying Price Increases

ROI: Identifying Non-Standard Language

View a short video to learn how you can use Analyze to identify non-standard language in your contracts to help minimize business risk.

Product Overview

Watch this 2-minute video for an overview of the LinkSquares products Analyze and Finalize. See how you can use AI to improve your contract management and analysis processes.

The 7 Ways to Improve Your Contract Management Workflow

In this eBook, we lay out seven product features and processes that can optimize your contact management workflow.

Introducing Finalize

Learn how you can write better contracts with Finalize, LinkSquares new contract automation tool.

Improving Sales Velocity with Finalize

The 6 Types of Documents You Need to Run a Modern Business

In this eBook, we outline the six types of business documents you should be generating on a regular basis, so you can ensure you have a useful and enduring record of every key area of your organization.

How CFOs Can Use Contract Management to Cut Costs

In this eBook we’ll discuss some contract-management steps you can take to improve your bottom line during crises like COVID-19.

Everything Legal Teams Want to Know About A.I.

In this eBook, we answer the three most common A.I. questions that lawyers and legal professionals ask, so you can get a step ahead of the artificial intelligence curve.

Improving Profitability with LinkSquares

See how LinkSquares can help your company improve profitability through cutting costs and protecting revenue.

The Tech Stack Modern Legal Teams Need

In this eBook we discuss the types of legal software designed to benefit in-house legal teams, rather than private practices, and bring some efficiency and ease-of-use to the lives of corporate counsels everywhere.

Why Legal Teams Need Specialized Contract Storage

In this eBook lay out why legal teams need a specialized document solution, and arm you with arguments to get the solutions you need from your information technology department.

LinkSquares Smart Admin Overview

In this video we talk about how Smart Admin automatically renames, type classifies and tags your new and existing contracts based on information inside them.

Limit Unseen Liability by Automating Contract Analysis

In this eBook, we’ll lay out the various contract attributes AI software can automatically detect, and highlight some of the derived analytics that automated contract analysis lets you generate.

What Might Be Hidden Inside Your Video Conference Software Contract

In the scramble to adopt remote work and telecommuting technology to deal with COVID-19, your legal team shouldn’t neglect the standard due diligence required when integrating new software into your company.

LinkSquares Smart OCR Overview

Adobe Sign vs DocuSign: Which Is Better For Your Legal Team?

Both Adobe Sign and DocuSign are great tools for your legal team. But the right one for your company depends on what aspects of a digital signature tool are most important to you.

DataRobot Case Study

Track Force Majeure with LinkSquares

We show you how to track terms like Force Majeure using LinkSquares AI-powered analysis.

Force Majeure and Other Contract Terms to Manage During Black Swan Events

In this eBook, we provide an overview of key contract areas your legal team should pay special attention to in times of sudden economic distress.

LinkSquares Smart Values Overview

In this video, we provide an overview of Smart Values in LinkSquares. Customers can use Smart Values to automatically extract key terms and data from contracts.

Analyze Product Demo

Watch this 3-minute video for an overview of LinkSquares Analyze. See how you can use AI to improve your contract management and analysis processes.

How Legal Can Partner with Internal Teams to Drive Profits

In this eBook, we’ll describe the techniques and technology that internal legal teams can use to help out fellow departments and more obviously contribute to the company’s bottom line.

The 3 Types of Contract Management Software & How to Buy Them

There are dozens of different software solutions on the market today that bill themselves as contract management tools, but what does “contract management” actually mean?

How Legal Professionals Should Evaluate AI Solutions

In this eBook, we’ll lay out some simple tips and techniques for evaluating an AI solution so your legal team can best take advantage of artificial intelligence.

Defeat the Supervillainy of Non-Standard Contracts

Non-standard contracts can be like legal kryptonite to legal teams. Fear not, you can learn how to defeat the villains of non-standard contracts using our latest eBook.

Smart Contracts: Blockchain and Its Impact

The Blockchain is set to disrupt just about every industry. Can we expect this technology to disrupt the legal industry as well? Download this eBook today to learn how to prepare your team for these key changes and stay ahead of the curve!

Contract Negotiation: Playbook 101

Any difficult situation can be won with preparation and execution – and contract negotiations are no exception. This playbook will teach you skills to overcome objections and understand deal drivers, strategies to handle questions and concerns, and scenarios to review common themes and typical outcomes.

Survival Guide: Legal Reviews, Audits & Diligence

There are countless unpredictable situations throughout any legal review, audit or diligence request. This survival guide will prepare you for the scenarios, understand the roles of all key stakeholders, and make sure you check all the important boxes.

Contracts Risks: Self Assessment For Legal Teams

Sometimes risk can be hard to quantify, coming in many forms – but if an organization isn’t clear on contract risks, the whole company has a problem. Review the eBook on contract risks to see how your process measures up.

Creating an Incident Response Plan for Finance & Legal Teams

You’re never quite prepared for it. Your focus has been on growing your business and on security or planning for an unforeseen incident, but security incidents happen more often than you might think.

Ultimate Guide to Scanned PDF Contracts

See how your current process measures up with top General Counsels and CFO’s and what they are doing to better manage their contracts and scanned documents.

GDPR Regulations

This eBook takes a look at how the European Union is working to protect online privacy through the introduction of GDPR, and how legal and finance teams globally must prepare for these new regulations in 2017.

ASC-606: New Revenue Recognition Standards & How They Impact Your Contracts

This free eBook covers many of the new guidelines and how your company can be prepared for these changes and avoid hefty fines. Download today and make sure you and your team are prepared!

Buyers Guide for Contract Software

Download this free eBook to review some of the most common software implementation issues that can be avoided when you and your team are prepared. Learn software evaluation strategies and key considerations for buying contract software in today’s market!

California Consumer Privacy Act

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) was enacted in June of 2018 and praised for its comprehensive protection of consumer rights. This eBook covers the details of what many call the “American version of Europe’s GDPR”.

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