Contract Management Resources

Here’s a list of all the resources we’ve gathered to help you understand your contracts better.

Adobe Sign vs DocuSign: Which Is Better For Your Legal Team?

Both Adobe Sign and DocuSign are great tools for your legal team. But the right one for your company depends on what aspects of a digital signature tool are most important to you.

Force Majeure and Other Contract Terms to Manage During Black Swan Events

In this ebook, we provide an overview of key contract areas your legal team should pay special attention to in times of sudden economic distress.

LinkSquares Smart Values Overview

In this video, we provide an overview of Smart Values in LinkSquares. Customers can use Smart Values to automatically extract key terms and data from contracts.

LinkSquares Product Overview Video

Watch this 3-minute video for an overview of the LinkSquares product. See how you can use AI to improve your contract management and analysis processes.

How Legal Can Partner with Internal Teams to Drive Profits

In this eBook, we’ll describe the techniques and technology that internal legal teams can use to help out fellow departments and more obviously contribute to the company’s bottom line.

The 3 Types of Contract Management Software & How to Buy Them

There are dozens of different software solutions on the market today that bill themselves as contract management tools, but what does “contract management” actually mean?

How Legal Professionals Should Evaluate AI Solutions

In this eBook, we’ll lay out some simple tips and techniques for evaluating an AI solution so your legal team can best take advantage of artificial intelligence.

Defeat the Supervillainy of Non-Standard Contracts

Non-standard contracts can be like legal kryptonite to legal teams. Fear not, you can learn how to defeat the villains of non-standard contracts using our latest Ebook.

Smart Contracts: Blockchain and Its Impact

The Blockchain is set to disrupt just about every industry. Can we expect this technology to disrupt the legal industry as well? Download this ebook today to learn how to prepare your team for these key changes and stay ahead of the curve!

Contract Negotiation: Playbook 101

Any difficult situation can be won with preparation and execution – and contract negotiations are no exception. This playbook will teach you skills to overcome objections and understand deal drivers, strategies to handle questions and concerns, and scenarios to review common themes and typical outcomes.

Survival Guide: Legal Reviews, Audits & Diligence

There are countless unpredictable situations throughout any legal review, audit or diligence request. The only way to put your best foot forward is to be thorough. This survival guide will prepare you for the scenarios, understand the roles of all key stakeholders, and make sure you check all the important boxes.

Contracts Risks: Self Assessment For Legal Teams

Did you know that only 29% of in-house counsels polled said they were ready to handle the legal response to a security breach? Sometimes risk can be hard to quantify, coming in many forms – but if an organization isn’t clear on contract risks, the whole company has a problem. Review the ebook on contract risks to see how your process measures up.

Creating an Incident Response Plan for Finance & Legal Teams

You’re never quite prepared for it. Your focus has been on growing your business and on security or planning for an unforeseen incident, but security incidents happen more often than you might think.

Ultimate Guide to Scanned PDF Contracts

See how your current process measures up with top General Counsels and CFO’s and what they are doing to better manage their contracts and scanned documents.

GDPR Regulations

This ebook takes a look at how the European Union is working to protect online privacy through the introduction of GDPR, and how legal and finance teams globally must prepare for these new regulations in 2017.

ASC-606: New Revenue Recognition Standards & How They Impact Your Contracts

This free ebook covers many of the new guidelines and how your company can be prepared for these changes and avoid hefty fines. Download today and make sure you and your team are prepared!

Buyers Guide for Contract Software

Download this free ebook to review some of the most common software implementation issues that can be avoided when you and your team are prepared. Learn software evaluation strategies and key considerations for buying contract software in today’s market!

California Consumer Privacy Act

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) was enacted in June of 2018 and praised for its comprehensive protection of consumer rights. This ebook covers the details of what many call the “American version of Europe’s GDPR”.