Close Sales Faster

Streamline your contract process and avoid sales disruptions. Draft, review, and approve new agreements with ease.

Create contracts in less time with LinkSquares Finalize

Speed up contract creation by tailoring the process to fit the needs of your organization. Draft new agreements with pre-approved templates to save time and avoid lengthy reviews. Shorten your learning curve by creating and managing contracts in the software you already know like Salesforce, Microsoft Word, and DocuSign. Track the status of your agreements with real-time analytics, identify blockers, and minimize your time to close.

Find critical information faster with LinkSquares Analyze

New sales, upsells, or renewals all hinge on the language of your contracts, and LinkSquares help can find that information in record time. Instantly track down renewal clauses, payment terms, expiration dates and any other contractual sales opportunity or impediment with full-text search, custom reporting, and “Smart Value” indexes optimized specifically for legal teams.

Get contacts approved faster with the LinkSquares Clause Library

Store and save pre-approved contract clauses in an easily accessible repository for future use. Improve efficiency when creating new agreements by allowing your team to search for and re-use standardized contract language (that doesn’t need a lengthy legal review).

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