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Streamline your contract process, accelerate deals, and avoid sales disruptions. Draft, review, and approve new agreements with ease. It shouldn’t be that easy, but now it is.

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Deal Acceleration with LinkSquares

Draft contracts in a flash

Speed up contract creation with a tailored, trackable process. Save time with pre-approved templates. Automate review and approvals with AI. Improve collaboration with software you already know like Salesforce, Microsoft Word, and DocuSign. It’s all possible with LinkSquares Finalize.

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Plan ahead for upcoming deals

LinkSquares Analyze is an all-in-one contract management tool that allows you to proactively plan for upcoming deals, store contracts in a centralized repository, and find critical data like payment terms, renewals, and pricing increases when you need it.

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Deal Acceleration with LinkSquares

Get approvals instantly

With the LinkSquares Clause Library, store pre-approved contract clauses in an easily accessible repository, draft contracts faster with self-service templates, and create custom clauses to minimize negotiation time and risk. You’ll be at final signature before we can even finish this sen…

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