Write Better Contracts, Faster with LinkSquares Finalize

Finalize enables your legal team to draft, review, and approve contracts faster by providing full-visibility into your contract process, from draft to signature.

Customizable contract creation

Finalize helps you create better contracts faster with self-service drafting from pre-approved templates, tailored contract creation workflows, and a centralized Clause Library with vetted standard clauses.

Automate the first pass of your contract review

Accelerate your third-party paper review using more AI-driven insights than any other pre-signature tool. Identify specific clauses that require your attention and get agreements out the door faster leaving no stone unturned. 

AI-Powered Contract Review

Always know where your contracts are

Finalize features the real-time status of every contract, detailed history of every turn of your contract from draft to finalized revisions, and a Dashboard of actionable reports customized for your contract tracking needs.

Empower cross-team collaboration

Finalize improves collaboration across the organization by helping your legal team field contract requests from multiple teams, communicate with stakeholders inside and outside the company, and provide full visibility into contract status for all contributors.

Work in the tools you know best

Finalize shortens your team’s learning curve by centralizing contract creation in one place, integrating with your existing software tools, and tailoring your contract workflow for ease of use.

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"With Finalize, our sales team can self-serve their own contracts. [Finalize] frees me up to not walk sales through every [contract] that gets generated, which allows as the organization grows to scale very easily and very quickly. "
Kristen Shaheen
General Counsel

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