One source of truth

Access your contracts, signature certificates, and audit logs in one place.

Comprehensive tracking

Keep a pulse on what’s out for signature, from who needs to sign to who has the pen.

Secure and enforceable

Signed agreements are backed by an encrypted, verifiable signature record.

One platform to manage and track agreements

Fewer platforms means fewer headaches.

Eliminate the hassle of switching tools just to get a contract signed. Sign is built into LinkSquares, so you can draft, review, and send agreements out for signature from a single platform.

Always know where your contracts stand.

Track electronic signatures, uncover bottlenecks, and get to signature faster.

Signed, sealed, centralized… it’s yours.

Signed agreements and signature certificates are automatically pushed to your contract repository — no more searching for documents in multiple systems.

Rest easy with top security.

Sign is designed to comply with UETA, ESIGN, and eIDAS regulations. Every action is stored on a single, downloadable audit log for comprehensive auditing.

Don’t just take our word for it
Don’t just take our word for it.
See LinkSquares Sign in action
See LinkSquares Sign in action.