Signed, sealed, delivered… it’s yours

Get your contracts signed faster with LinkSquares Sign, an eSignature tool built right into the LinkSquares platform for seamless end-to-end contract management.

Keep everything in one mothership

Sends contracts for signature directly from the LinkSquares platform, ending the hassle (and risk) of jumping between tools.

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LinkSquares eSignature tool
LinkSquares e-signature tool

Always know where your contracts stand

Track your agreements in real time to see who needs to sign and who has the pen. Uncover bottlenecks so you know if or where you need to intervene to get to signature faster. 

Inundated with signature requests and worried you’re slowing down deals? Keep deals moving with an at-a-glance view of agreements that require your signature.

Keep your portfolio current

Completed contracts are automatically imported into LinkSquares Analyze for secure storage, eliminating the burden of transferring documents manually.

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LinkSquares e-signature tool

Rest easy with top security

Sign was designed to comply with ESIGN, UETA, and eIDAS standards to keep your documents secure and enforceable. View a detailed, immutable audit log to ensure your contract doesn’t land in the wrong hands.

"With LinkSquares, we’re bringing both our pre- and post-signature processes into one platform... with LinkSquares Sign, we’re excited about the potential of integrating signature collection into the platform, too."
LinkSquares life sciences customer
Jessie Bustamante
General Counsel
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