Expedite Fundraising and M&A with LinkSquares

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, LinkSquares gives you fast, comprehensive access to the information necessary for disclosures and due diligence.

Fundraising and M&A

Quickly organize your contracts for strategic events

Store your contracts into a single repository in LinkSquares Analyze, so you don’t have to chase down documents scattered across multiple departments and drives. Run comprehensive searches and reports to locate exactly which contracts you need for your event. Populate your data room in days instead of weeks.

Start organizing

Run due diligence in record time with AI-driven insights

Sellers can leverage Smart Values and contract tags to identify what to include in their disclosure schedule. Buyers can upload contracts to Analyze for immediate bulk search and review of key clauses and terms, eliminating the need for costly manual work. Assignment and change-of-control clause assessment? Any litigation or patent claims? Net payment terms review? It’s all at your fingertips.

Meet Smart Values
fundraising and m&a
Fundraising and M&A

Partner cross-functionally during negotiations

Efficiently draft relevant event documents in LinkSquares Finalize, including tender offers and term sheets. Upload and review third-party asset or share purchase agreements. Maintain strict control of your contracting process during negotiations with redline tracking, status and version monitoring, and review and approval workflows. Do it all in one place, where everyone can contribute.

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