Time to ditch the old school processes slowing down your team.

Today’s in-house teams are busier than ever. They’re also being asked to do more with less without additional headcount, budget, or tools. Meet LinkSquares – all-in-one legal tech built specifically for you where you can perform, manage, and quantify all your work in one place.

What can your team solve with LinkSquares?

(The better question is: What can’t it?)

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Crisis management

Centralize your contract management procedures, write smarter agreements, and get instant access to critical data. Life is chaos; your CLM doesn’t have to be.

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Contract review

Simplify your review process by having all things related to contract management in one place that can scale along with your team. No more toggling between tools, version control nightmares, and chasing down John Hancocks – just time to focus on the important stuff.

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Contract storage

Extract insights, build reports, and collaborate seamlessly in a single centralized contract repository powered by AI. It’s the future of contract storage, and it’s awesome.

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Data privacy & compliance

Run automated reports on relevant contract clauses. Respond faster to data breaches by instantly summarizing your contractual obligations. Maintain one set of data privacy-specific language with the LinkSquares Clause Library. Boom, crisis averted.

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Deal acceleration

Streamline your contract process, accelerate deals, and avoid sales disruptions. Draft, review, and approve new agreements with ease. Legal and bottleneck will never be in the same sentence again.

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Fundraising and M&A

Whether you’re a buyer, a seller, or something in between, LinkSquares gives you fast, comprehensive access to need-to-know info for disclosures and due diligence.

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Third-party paper management

Effortlessly draft, track, and store third-party agreements alongside first-party contracts for better visibility and efficiency. It shouldn’t be this easy, but it is.

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Take it from us – we don’t just work at LinkSquares, we’re also clients.

Actually, take it from our other customers…

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"LinkSquares runs on LinkSquares. It’s helped our whole legal team stay organized, move faster, and be more nimble. Without it, we wouldn’t be where we are today."
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-- Tim Parilla, LinkSquares

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