Customer Data Privacy Compliance with LinkSquares

Unlock your contract data to ensure compliance with the ever-evolving data privacy regulation landscape.

Quickly respond to changing regulations and regulatory crises

Adapt quickly to new data privacy regulations with LinkSquares Analyze by running automated reports of relevant contract clauses, rather than manually reviewing each of your legal agreements. Respond faster to data breaches by instantly summarizing your contractual obligations to affected customers and applicable regulators.

Ensure your standard contract clauses reflect the current regulatory landscape

With the LinkSquares Clause Library, your Privacy and Compliance Officers can maintain one set of data privacy-specific language, then ensure every subsequent contract is drafted or updated with the most recent and compliant privacy terms.

Maintain tight control over your risk exposure with deep insights into your contract language

Obligations to disclose, breach notification deadlines, consent to share requirements; critical privacy clauses are often buried in your contracts, but Smart Values can surface them instantly. Identify the risks in your existing agreements, ensure vendor compliance, and start mitigating your exposure today.

Share critical information both internally and externally  

Data privacy-specific Smart Values enable immediate creation of comprehensive compliance reports for your executive team and regulators. Learn how our Strategic Smart Values provide access to the specific privacy terms you need to understand.

Protect data with best-in-class encryption

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, especially when it comes to data breaches. LinkSquares encrypts all contract data and meta-data with the best encryption available, and maintains that security with SOC-2 and ISO 27001 certified standards and procedures.

Learn how LinkSquares can help you get data-compliant and stay that way.

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