Don’t sweat data privacy compliance changes

Run automated reports on relevant contract clauses. Respond faster to data breaches by instantly summarizing your contractual obligations. Maintain one set of data privacy-specific language with the LinkSquares Clause Library. Boom, crisis averted.

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LinkSquares Data Privacy and Compliance Smart Values

Control your risk exposure (or eliminate it altogether)

Our AI-powered data extraction surfaces critical privacy language allowing you to identify the risks in your existing agreements and ensure vendor compliance before it becomes code red.

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Simplify your GDPR compliance process

The only constant is change(s in regulation). LinkSquares makes it easier and more cost-effective to manage privacy clauses and create comprehensive privacy compliance reports for your executive team or regulators.

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Protect data with best-in-class encryption

LinkSquares encrypts all contracts and data and maintains SOC-2 standards and procedures. In your face, hackers.

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