GDPR Compliance with LinkSquares

Simplify your GDPR compliance management process by empowering your team with tools to write better, compliant contracts, analyze and review data privacy-specific language in existing contracts, and collaborate with your teams every step of the way.

Use Cases

Data Collection & Processing

Write standard data collection clauses, save them for future use, and analyze them in existing contracts.


Maintain data security across your organization with the ability to draft confidentiality terms for future use and easily surface executed contracts with these terms.

Data Breach

Take the stress out of data breach preparedness and response with dedicated Smart Values to surface key insights in minutes.


Search through an entire repository of contracts and templates and pull saved reports on a dime.

Third-Party Contracts

Review, process and analyze agreements on third-party paper, as well as your own, all in one platform


Mitigate risk with a compliant contract creation process in LinkSquares Finalize

Create templates with GDPR standard contract clauses, so your team can create compliant contracts. Set dedicated review processes for GDPR-specific agreements. Monitor correct usage of contract clauses and create specialized contract creation process for agreements that require more legal oversight.

Uncover key GDPR terms and insights within all your contracts in LinkSquares Analyze

Find important data from your data privacy agreements in minutes using LinkSquares Smart Values and full-text search. Run reports using GDPR-specific terms and Smart Values to uncover key information such as Data Breach guidelines and parameters around Customer Data Use. Create a Dashboard to highlight GDPR-related metrics, terms, and insights for a snapshot of your company’s contract language around data privacy.

Create and store standard GDPR clauses in Clause Library for easy access

Create and maintain standard data privacy compliance language for future use. Save GDPR-specific clauses from third-party contracts that you’d like to reuse in your own agreements.

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