GDPR Compliance

Perform simple, comprehensive contract compliance audits at the click of a mouse with LinkSquares.


Mitigate risk during contract creation

Create templates and set dedicated review processes for GDPR-specific agreements, even for third-party paper. Monitor correct usage of clauses and create specialized processes for agreements that require more legal oversight.

Create & store GDPR clauses for easy access

Maintain standard data privacy compliance language, like GDPR-specific clauses, for future use in your own agreements.

Track GDPR language across your portfolio

Perform contract compliance audits faster. Track down info from your data privacy agreements in seconds with robust, full-text search. Run reports on GDPR-specific terms and uncover key details, such as breach guidelines and customer data parameters. Create dashboards highlighting GDPR-related metrics across all documents.

LinkSquares is dedicated to keeping you and your contracts safe and secure

Learn more about Data Privacy and Compliance

Ensure your contracts are in compliance with GDPR with this eBook.

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