Contract Management Reporting

Instant access to actionable data

Powerful AI and contract management reporting give you critical insight into your agreement portfolio in seconds.

Get deep insights with 100+ Smart Values

Give your team fast and easy access to the key dates and terms across your contract repository. Our proprietary AI automatically pulls over 100 pieces of reportable information, called Smart Values, from your contracts.

Smart Values
ai for contract management

Key information at your fingertips

Our Dashboards feature a wide selection of the most critical and useful information, updated in real-time.

Get Contract Insights
contract management reporting

Track KPIs with pre-signature reports

With LinkSquares Finalize, track your workflows to provide deep insight into your in-flight contracts, from creation to execution. Identify process bottlenecks and close more deals.

Uncover and mitigate risk

Keep your clause language air-tight. Track when customers can terminate contracts and for which reasons. With LinkSquares, track and update relevant clause language with real-time reports.

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