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Finding Balance and Success In-House with Mannat Sharma 

Transitioning careers as a legal professional can be a daunting task. The move from Big Law to an in-house product counsel position presents its own set of unique challenges. Join us for the next episode of Cockpit Counsel and learn from someone who's been there and done it successfully. 

Meet Mannat Sharma, product counsel at a major tech company. She's built a TikTok community of legal professionals, sharing her career journey and advice. From valuable frameworks for a career transition to insightful guidance on setting boundaries, you don’t want to miss this conversation.

Key takeaways

  • Skills that are most important to in-house success 
  • Time-saving hacks and tips to steer clear of burnout
  • The importance of community as a legal pro 
  • And more! 

Let’s dive in and find out how to balance it all in-house. Watch now! 


  • 01:44: Career Path and Transition to In-House Role
  • 05:15: Transition from Big Law to In-House Role
  • 05:57: Experience as Product Counsel
  • 07:55: Sharing Experience on TikTok
  • 14:48: Differences in Working In-House vs. at a Firm
  • 16:57: Understanding Business as In-House Counsel
  • 17:53: Importance of Providing Clear, Actionable Advice
  • 19:38: Building Confidence and Taking a Position
  • 20:06: Collaboration and Communication with Business Counterparts
  • 21:47: Leveraging Colleagues for Challenging Conversations
  • 23:57: Managing Escalations and Decision-Making
  • 29:42: Work-Life Balance and Personal Well-being
  • 31:40: Frameworks for Life and Career Decisions
  • 32:58: Productivity Tips
  • 35:14: Rapid Fire Questions
  • 36:10: American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals


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Tim ParillaChief Legal Officer, LinkSquares
Mannat SharmaProduct Counsel