Cockpit Counsel

Take Your Legal Career to the Next Level with Mosah Goodman 

Regardless of where you're at in your professional journey, it's crucial to make career management a top priority. This episode of Cockpit Counsel features Mosah Goodman, attorney and President of Top Talent Advocates, which helps executives and attorneys secure new roles and manage their careers. He’s got the advice you need to land your next role and plan for the future intentionally. 

Mosah also hosts the Hiring Insights Podcast, where he shares insights and tips on executive hiring, job search strategy, interview preparation, compensation negotiation, resume writing, LinkedIn optimization, and more. Watch this episode to hear from a pro.

You'll Learn:

  • How to maximize professional opportunities 
  • Tips for advancing your career and making yourself marketable 
  • The current job market for in-house and executive roles 
  • And more! 

Ready to ascend your legal career? Tune in today.


  • 02:19: Career Path and Top Talent Advocates
  • 05:07: Company Growth and Structure
  • 07:40: Job Market for Attorneys and Executives
  • 12:01: Career Advancement in In-House Legal Roles
  • 17:50: Reasons for Going In-House
  • 24:16: Personal and Professional Management
  • 27:05: Diverse Career Paths
  • 31:18: Insights from the Hiring Insights Podcast


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Tim ParillaChief Legal Officer, LinkSquares
Mosah Goodman President, Top Talent Advocates