Public Company Transactions with Danielle Sheer

Cockpit Counsel

Public Company Transactions with Danielle Sheer



On the next episode of Cockpit Counsel, Tim Parilla, Chief Legal Officer and pilot, will be joined by Danielle Sheer, General Counsel at Bottomline Technologies, to discuss her experiences with public company transactions.


  • 00:00: Introduction
  • 01:07: Tell us about your career path
  • 04:23: What was it like working at a company with some executive turnover?
  • 09:20: What were some of the challenges as new executives joined the team?
  • 12:59: Relationship building tips
  • 16:49: Legal is at the core of any business
  • 17:46: Hiring and working with outside counsel
  • 19:44: How has the role of the GC changed over time?
  • 24:13: How do you become a top tier GC?
  • 26:20: What’s your advice for a first time GC?
  • 30:21: Tips for running a remote legal function
  • 35:11: What’s your preflight ritual?


Tim Parilla Headshot
Tim ParillaChief Legal Officer, LinkSquares
Danielle Sheer headshot
Danielle SheerGeneral Counsel, Bottomline Technologies

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