Cockpit Counsel

The Ultimate Co-Pilot: Investor Relationships with Brady Broadbent

Cockpit Counsel

The Ultimate Co-Pilot: Investor Relationships with Brady Broadbent

Let’s talk venture capital. When your company is fundraising, the legal team is going through an extended interview with potential investors. It’s an interesting dynamic – and what better way to explore it than a conversation between a CLO and an investor that have closed a round together? Watch this episode of Cockpit Counsel with Tim Parilla and Brady Broadbent, Partner at Sorenson Capital.

Key Takeaways

  • How investors view their initial interactions with legal
  • What they’re still evaluating during due diligence
  • How to build the relationship between investors and legal


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:41 What is your preflight ritual?
  • 01:54 Tell me a little bit about your background? How did you find your way into the sciences?
  • 03:00 How was it getting into the venture capital world?
  • 04:03 When receiving a pitch from a company, what are some things that you look for in a deal?
  • 07:05 At the term sheet stage, are you primarily working with in-house attorneys or are you working through outside counsel?
  • 08:18 How do you interact and evaluate potential portfolio companies?
  • 10:09 How does a lawyer’s approach to a negotiation affect your perception of the deal?
  • 15:07 How do you approach lawyers after being on opposite sides of a negotiation? What are some things attorneys have done 
  • 17:53 How many of the companies that you invest in have an in-house legal function?
  • 19:03 How much interaction do you have with hiring c-suite executives and chief legal officers?  
  • 20:44 As a board member, what are some insights that you can offer to attorneys to help understand your perspective?
  • 28:33 How should an effective management team be utilizing the board?
  • 32:19 Can you share a horror story from the boardroom?
  • 34:15 What time management tips do you have for busy leaders?
  • 35:33 What are your predictions for a 2023 in the VC world?
  • 38:38 What is one of the best investments you’ve ever made?
Tim Parilla

Tim Parilla

LinkSquares, CLO

Brady Broadbent

Sorenson Capital Partners, Partner

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