Data Privacy with Andy Dale, Alyce

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Data Privacy with Andy Dale, Alyce



On this episode of Cockpit Counsel, host Tim Parilla is joined by Andy Dale, GC and Chief Privacy Officer at Alyce. Alyce is the AI-powered B2B gifting platform that’s redefining direct mail, swag, and gifts with its scalable, sustainable, hyper-personalized approach to account-based marketing.

Andy also currently co-hosts his own show: The Data Protection Breakfast Club, with Pedro Pavón, Privacy, Ads, and Data Policy at Facebook, where they meet up with friends in the data protection ecosystem to deep dive into all things data privacy.


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:31 Tell us about your career path
  • 03:03 Tell us a bit about your podcast and how it started
  • 05:16 What are some of the major trends you’re seeing in the privacy space? What are some predictions for things to come?
  • 11:12 How have you seen the role of the in-house counsel evolving over time?
  • 13:37 Negotiating the work life balance at a start up
  • 15:44 How have you managed risk in your role at Alyce?
  • 18:59 Can you cap IP infringement?
  • 21:54 Do you have any advice for other in-house attorneys?
  • 25:53 Do you have a preflight ritual?
  • 27:22 What’s been your favorite episode that you’ve recorded of your podcast?


Tim Parilla Headshot
Tim ParillaChief Legal Officer, LinkSquares
Andy Dale headshot
Andy DaleGeneral Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer, Alyce

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