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Legal AI with Eliana Lee



From your streaming services to voice assistants, artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere. The legal field is no exception, and it’s rapidly evolving for the better. Learn what goes into developing AI for legal teams on this episode of Cockpit Counsel featuring Eliana Lee, Legal Engineer and AI enthusiast at LinkSquares.


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:46 What is your preflight ritual?
  • 01:34 Can you introduce Linky, the unofficial LinkSquares mascot?
  • 02:22 Tell us a bit about your career path
  • 06:32 What was your mathematical background beforehand?
  • 07:57 What brought you to LinkSquares? What do you do here?
  • 11:03 How would you introduce someone who is not familiar with AI?
  • 14:22 From a legal tech perspective, where do you see AI in five to 10 years?
  • 15:37 How do you see legal professionals interfacing with AI?  
  • 19:49 What has your experience been like being a woman in tech?
  • 21:08 What was it like to change career paths? 
  • 23:06 What’s the most common misconception that people have about AI? 
  • 26:11 What is one specific question that people should ask contract life cycle management vendors?
  • 26:53 What is your favorite aspect of your role as a legal engineer?


Tim Parilla Headshot
Tim ParillaChief Legal Officer, LinkSquares
Eliana Lee headshot
Eliana LeeLegal Engineer, LinkSquares

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