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How to Weigh Potential Risk vs. Business Needs

Watch this short video where Tim shares his perspective on weighing potential risk vs. business needs when advising the company on a decision. He highlights the importance of understanding and internalizing what the business is trying to accomplish before weighing the legal risk.


Question: How should legal professionals weigh the potential risk to the company vs. business needs when advising the company on a decision?

Tim's Take: That's a good question. It's important to first understand what the business is trying to do and why the business is trying to do it. From there, it just creates a compelling argument for what the business is doing. Right?

If it's a relatively limited benefit to the business, or it's not articulated well enough, I think it's perfectly fair to ask some questions about it. I think you go through that truly understand and internalize the business aspect of what's trying to be done, even before you get to the legal risk.

Because then the legal risk in isolation is gonna go to, well, don't do that thing. Which is not helpful for anybody. So I think you just start you start by understanding the business and really understanding the benefits.

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