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Legal Tech Talk with Andrew Moffett from Wayfair



Join Tim Parilla for a conversation with Andrew Moffett, Head of Product - Legal Technology at Wayfair, as they delve into the world of legal tech. Discover how legal tech helps legal bring the right data to the table, the importance of interconnectedness across the company, and analyze the primary catalysts behind the surge in legal tech adoption. Don’t miss out on these tech insights!

Key takeaways

  • How legal and other teams can solve problems together with tech 
  • Why being seen as an innovative business enabler is crucial for legal professionals 
  • Tips for nailing legal tech deployments (and what NOT to do)
  • And more!


  • 00:56 What is your preflight ritual?
  • 02:26 Tell us a bit about your career path
  • 04:39 Progression of integrating legal technology into your workflow
  • 06:55 Beyond contracts, what are your key focuses?
  • 08:54 What are you speaking about at your upcoming conference?
  • 10:08 How big is your current team?
  • 12:56 How have you seen legal technology evolve over the past few years?
  • 23:10 How do you think about developing partnerships across the organization?
  • 23:59 What advice do you give to a leader developing their tech stack?
  • 24:47 What is one thing you wish GCs understood about your role?
  • 27:33 How have you carried over skills from early in your career working in PMO?
  • 29:09 What is your hot take about legal tech?
  • 30:15 What is your number one tip for change management when deploying legal tech?
  • 30:47 How do you present the progress and success of legal tech to leadership?


Tim Parilla Headshot
Tim ParillaChief Legal Officer, LinkSquares
Andrew Moffett headshot
Andrew MoffettHead of Product, Legal Technology, Wayfair

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