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Get Compliant with Danielle Maglente



Ensuring compliance is no small feat, especially on a lean team. In this episode of Cockpit Counsel, Tim Parilla is joined by Danielle Maglente, General Counsel at Plum Voice, to discuss her compliance career. Together, they’ll dive into the strategies for success she’s created along the way. 


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:41 Tell us a bit about your career path
  • 02:34 How did you begin your career in legal compliance?
  • 03:26 What aspect of compliance did you find yourself enjoying?
  • 04:59 How can those within the organization utilize the compliance function to help develop regulatory framework to ease day to day roadblocks?
  • 07:06 How did your approach shift from working in health care to now working in the biotech space?
  • 08:27 How did you become proficient in developing your expertise?
  • 09:19 How big is your team now?
  • 09:40 When did you bring on an associate? Walk us through how you approached that conversation with your supervisor.
  • 10:58 How have you divided your time between compliance and contracting?
  • 13:31 Do you find that you need to interact with teams differently or is it seamless for you?
  • 14:05 How did you go about developing relationships with other teams within your organization?
  • 21:21 How are you thinking about where you want to drive your career and move your focus?
  • 23:44 What is the first thing that you do when you go into an organization as the first in-house legal or compliance hire?
  • 24:36 How do you interact with outside counsel?
  • 25:31 Can you share with us a bit about your podcast?
  • 26:32 How are you coming up with different ideas for your podcast? 
  • 27:12 Do you have advice for those who are interested in a career in compliance? 
  • 28:31 What is your advice for legal professionals navigating compliance certifications for the first time at a new company?
  • 29:41 How do you recommend that legal teams stay up to date on regulation changes to stay compliant? Do you have any favorite resources? 


Tim Parilla Headshot
Tim ParillaChief Legal Officer, LinkSquares
Danielle Maglente headshot
Danielle MaglenteGeneral Counsel, Plum Voice

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