How to Raise a Successful Round with Nir Dagan

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How to Raise a Successful Round with Nir Dagan



What goes into a successful fundraise? The short answer is: a lot. And the best way to learn is from people who have done it before. 

This episode of Cockpit Counsel with Nir Dagan, General Counsel at Wiz, will cover just that. Wiz is the fastest-growing cybersecurity startup in the world. They announced their $250M Series C raise in October - tune in to hear insights from Nir.


  • 00:00: Introduction
  • 00:08: Tell us a bit about your career path
  • 03:55: What have been some of the biggest challenges that you’ve seen going from a law firm to in-house?
  • 05:53: How big is your current team?
  • 07:10: How did you go about growing your team?
  • 19:03: What advice do you have for a lawyer preparing for a successful fundraising round?
  • 26:31: What’s the best career advice you’ve gotten since moving in-house?
  • 29:04: What advice do you have for someone considering making the move in-house? 


Tim Parilla Headshot
Tim ParillaChief Legal Officer, LinkSquares
Nir Dagan headshot
Nir DaganGeneral Counsel, Wiz

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