Cockpit Counsel

Thriving on a Fast-Paced Legal Team with Brittany Wayne



The world moves fast with no sign of slowing down. For those of you working for fast-paced companies, it’s time to kick it into high gear.

Watch this episode of Cockpit Counsel featuring LinkSquares Commercial Counsel, Brittany Wayne, to hear how she helps propel the business forward.


  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:36 What is your preflight ritual?
  • 01:14 Tell us a bit about your career path
  • 04:09 What was your experience like as a sole in house counsel?
  • 09:20 As a sole in house counsel, what did you do when you came across something you haven’t encountered before?
  • 11:16 How are you thinking about your personal and professional success?
  • 14:20 From a legal tech perspective, what problems were you looking to solve in your previous role?
  • 18:50 Now being a part of a legal tech company, what were some unexpected aspects of your day to day work?
  • 23:29 What’s the best advice that you’ve received? What is some advice for folks at their first in house job?


Tim Parilla Headshot
Tim ParillaChief Legal Officer, LinkSquares
Brittany Wayne headshot
Brittany WayneCommercial Counsel, LinkSquares

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