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Building Effective Internal and External Business Partnerships

Building Effective Internal and External Business Partnerships

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In today's fast-paced business environment, legal teams must establish strong connections both internally and externally. Internal partnerships with other departments can lead to smoother workflows, increased efficiency, and better alignment with company goals. Meanwhile, external partnerships with clients, vendors, and other organizations can open up new opportunities and drive growth. This webinar provides valuable insights and practical strategies for strengthening relationships within an organization and fostering successful partnerships with external business entities.

Our experts cover:

  • Best practices for forming strategic partnerships with external stakeholders
  • Negotiating contracts and effective communication
  • How to build mutually beneficial partnerships that drive business success
  • And more!

Don't miss this opportunity to strengthen your partnership-building skills and elevate your role as an in-house legal professional. Watch now and take your abilities to the next level.


Ashley Jones headshot
Ashley JonesCorporate Counsel, LinkSquares
Krista Russell headshot
Krista RussellDGC, Airbus OneWeb Satellites

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