Cybersecurity and Data Privacy 101 for Legal Teams


Legal leaders have a lot to keep up with when it comes to the ever-changing laws and growing expectations of legal teams. Our panel of legal and regulatory experts will discuss essential topics such as legal considerations for cybersecurity incident response, usage and protection of client data, obligations for in-house counsel, and privacy and cybersecurity implications in corporate transactions.

This webinar will teach you:

  • How to understand cyber risk
  • How to implement effective cybersecurity measures
  • How to successfully navigate third-party risks, and more!


  • 0:00:00 Setting the Stage
  • 0:19:46 Ensuring Multi-Factor Authentication on All Services
  • 0:22:25 Combatting Ransomware Attacks
  • 0:25:06 Threat Actors and Criminal Organizations
  • 0:30:40 Protecting Valuable Information and Intellectual Property
  • 0:36:27 AI in Phishing and Preventive Measures
  • 0:38:47 Protecting Customer Systems and Multi-Factor Authentication
  • 0:42:30 Cybersecurity Readiness and Risk Assessment
  • 0:45:49 Preparing for Cyber Attacks and Incident Response
  • 0:47:48 Cybersecurity Readiness of Companies
  • 0:51:06 Cyber Insurance and Reporting Obligations
  • 0:55:40 Legal Implications and Collaboration with the Security Team
  • 0:57:38 Legal Components of Responding to Cybersecurity Threats
  • 1:00:02 Categories of Cybersecurity Maturity
  • 1:03:51 Recommendations for In-House Legal Teams in Cybersecurity
  • 1:06:53 Managing Risk from a Legal Perspective
  • 1:11:59 Creating a Healthy Reporting Culture
  • 1:15:36 SEC Reporting Requirements
  • 1:17:57 Incident Response Plans
  • 1:21:34 Conducting Tabletop Exercises

Download the slide deck from the session here.


Andy LunsfordCEO & Founder, BreachRx
Jonathan Greenblatt headshot
Jonathan GreenblattVice President of Legal, LinkSquares
Mollie MacDougallProduct & Cybersecurity Expert,
Cody WamsleyPartner, Sterlington Law

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