What can Analyze do for you?

Short answer: Everything. Slightly longer answer: Smarter, more valuable contracts, centrally stored, with dynamic reporting and real-time dashboards.
Store, organize, and manage all your agreements in one place

Contract Storage

Keep every contract — including in-flight agreements — centrally organized inside a secure repository for immediate access.

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LinkSquares AI is built for the nuances of legal language to automatically organize your contracts and extract critical data while eliminating manual work.

LinkSquares AI Powered Contract Review
Graph of agreements renewing or terminating by quarter


Fueled by (wait for it) AI, Dashboards provide an intuitive, real-time snapshot of your contracts, giving you full visibility into legal commitments.

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Smart OCR

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) can convert scanned PDFs, faxes, or even photographs of documents into regular, searchable text files.

A video showing the product analyze a pdf, import the agreement, and extract key values

Contract visibility

Get a bird’s-eye view of the contents of your agreements with powerful contract summary tools.

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Quickly scan an overview of a contract's agreements and terms
A graph showing the presence of smart values in stored agreements

Smart Values

Our proprietary AI automatically pulls out 100+ key pieces of metadata from your contracts, providing instant insights into your legal commitments through custom, portfolio-wide search and reporting.

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