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Full text search and metadata extraction in documents

Full text search and metadata extraction

Full-text search for keywords, phrases, and contract terms across thousands of documents within seconds. Cloud-based searching of words, phrases, sentences, as well as advanced multi-query and filtering capabilities enable to you to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Custom reporting and metadata extraction in linksquares

Custom reporting and metadata extraction

LinkSquares’ AI-powered “Smart Values” automatically pull out key pieces of contract data. Use the custom reporting feature to view and export your data into other business systems or a downloadable spreadsheet. Save frequently used reports for easy access later.

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Never miss a key date again. With LinkSquares, you can set email-based notifications that will automatically remind your team of important dates and obligations within your contracts.

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Even more reasons to choose LinkSquares

Clause library - NEW!
  • Store clauses directly from full text search results
  • Create situational playbooks for when to use saved clauses
  • Search for specific clauses in the easily accessible library
Secure cloud repository
  • Store your contracts on a private, secure and fully encrypted online repository
  • State of the art security and encryption running on AWS
  • Integration with any SAML-based Single Sign-On provider
  • Upload documents easily via email and integrations
  • Integrate LinkSquares with key business systems your team already uses
  • Automatically import documents from anywhere
  • Instantly populate data in your CRM, ERP, and other tools
  • Custom built integrations available
  • Industry best Optical Character Recognition technology
  • Transform any scanned PDF into searchable text format
  • Proprietary QA process ensuring accurate results every time
  • Fastest turn-around time on the market
Custom User Roles
  • Manage all contracts in one system while controlling internal access to data
  • Set permissions for different people or teams in your organization
  • Define access roles by department, contract type, and various filters
White Glove Onboarding
  • Personalized onboarding with a dedicated specialist
  • Comprehensive training for your whole team
  • Up and running in 30 days
  • End to end data analysis and organization included