Template creation made easy

Create, save, and use templates to quickly draft new agreements using pre-approved language.

Flexible process for you, by us

LinkSquares delivers a fast, flexible template creation process to fit your legal team’s needs. Whether creating customized templates, drafting off existing templates, or organizing all your agreements for easy access, LinkSquares does it all.

contract templates
contract templates

Your preferred language at your fingertips

Create, store, and access templates all under one roof. We make it easy to build templates for your team to use and start drafting from without having to leave your platform. Spend less time building agreements and more time executing on them. 

Faster drafting off pre-existing templates

Speed up contract creation by enabling your team to draft new agreements off of existing templates. This helps offload your more standard agreements such as NDAs while ensuring your preferred language is included from initial draft.

Organized, accurate, and risk-free

Not only does Finalize store your templates, but it labels them too. Quickly find the right template in just seconds and save your favorite clauses with Clause Library for future use. Rest assured knowing your contracts have the right language included from initial draft.

Clause Library
Third Party Contract Management
LinkSquares contract management

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