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Contract creation

Get fast and flexible contract creation tailored to your team.

LinkSquares provides legal teams with a centralized platform to draft, review, and approve agreements at lightning speed.

Customize contract creation.

Streamline contract creation with a custom workflow that matches your existing processes. Legal teams find LinkSquares easy and intuitive for self-service drafting, managing approvals, and storing templates on one central platform.

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Get to signature faster.

Manage your entire contract process from start to finish with LinkSquares. Send agreements and track progress along the way.

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Identify and defeat bottlenecks.

With real-time status into your agreements, you’ll be able to see where agreements are stuck … so you can unstick them.

Draft flawless contracts in minutes.

Quickly create contracts using your preferred language by storing clauses for future use and dropping them into templates with the click of a button. Save time and minimize risk — it’s that simple.

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