LinkSquares Features

Document Repository

A secure location for all company legal agreements and contracts. Sleep well at night knowing your most important corporate documents are in a repository with full search and reporting capabilities.

Powerful Text Search

Finally you can search through your contracts for key clauses and details with ease and simplicity of a search in Google. Use multiple filters to search through smaller groups of agreements to find exactly what you need.

Automated Terms Analysis

For specific terms of agreements like effective dates, auto-renewals and more, LinkSquares can automatically find and abstract those items from your contracts. This enables an easier, more accurate reporting for you and your team.

One-Click Report Creation

Once you’ve completed a search for key information, you can create an XLS report. Easily share this information with executive team members or upload to another system for accurate tracking across any system of record.

Notifications and Alerts

Need to track a key date or obligation? Use LinkSquares task system to receive a task and email reminder when you need it. This can also include other items that may need an approval from other team members.

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