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See how LinkSquares can strap a rocket booster to your contract lifecycle.
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Contract management

Keep every aspect of your contract process in one place, on one platform, and let AI automate repetitive tasks into oblivion.

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Our game-changing AI automatically pulls the critical contractual information you want while offering insights you didn’t know you needed, reducing your report generation time by up to 60%.

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Keep your team in sync and say bye-bye-bye to communication breakdowns with in-app chats, real-time status updates, email notifications, and automated workflows.

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Tasks and reminders

Never miss a milestone again with a centralized view of outstanding tasks, key dates, and office birthdays*. 

*not yet a feature but we’re working on it

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Effortlessly merge LinkSquares into your team’s workflows by connecting the tools you use everyday like Salesforce and Google Drive.

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