Stay up to date on all of your agreements

Stay up-to-date on agreements

Quickly move through each stage in your contract process with insight into critical dates and important steps.

Move from draft to signature, faster

Build approval tasks and workflow items automatically assigned to key stakeholders throughout the contract review process.

Manage approvals in LinkSquares
A snapshot in the app of key contract details

Never miss key dates and deadlines

With a snapshot of your most important contract details in LinkSquares, you’ll never miss a critical date or deadline again. Proactively plan against upcoming renewals and termination dates with key contract details at a glance.


Empower swift action on your agreements

LinkSquares allows you to continue working in the tools you use daily – like Salesforce or eSignature tools. With real-time updates flowing between each platform, you can streamline your work without missing a beat.

Linksquares seamlessly integrates with Salesforce

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