Stay up-to-date on agreements with tasks & reminders

Quickly move through each stage in your process with insight into key dates and important steps.

Move from draft to signature, faster

Drive a smooth review process in LinkSquares Finalize without missing an important step or deadline. Build tasks for approval and workflow-related items that are automatically assigned to key stakeholders throughout the contract review process.


Stay on top of key dates and deadlines

Never miss a deadline with a snapshot view of your most important contract details, like renewal dates in LinkSquares Analyze. Proactively plan against upcoming renewals and termination dates with key contract details at a glance. 


Empower swift action on your agreements

LinkSquares gives you the ability to continue working in the tools you’re using every day – like Salesforce or e-signature tools. With real-time updates flowing between each platform, you’ll be able to streamline your work without missing a beat.

LinkSquares Salesforce Integration

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