Centralize your data

Our AI can extract 100+ specific dates, terms, and clauses from your contracts, called Smart Values, for deep search and reporting capabilities. This data is stored alongside your documents in LinkSquares, providing instant access to the granular insights you need.

A list of contracts with information about their termination date and governing law
A screenshot of an agreement with metadata and information to keep teams organized

Get organized and stay that way

LinkSquares’ AI automatically names and labels contracts based on information inside them for comprehensive and consistent organization. This eliminates manual work, while providing reliable searching and reporting across every contract.

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Maintain your portfolio with key integrations

Connect LinkSquares with virtually any system using our native integrations or API to pull agreements scattered across systems into a centralized repository.

A user creating a new role with fine grained access in order to keep contracts secure

Keep your documents - and reputation - secure

Our comprehensive role permissions and best-in-class security measures, including SOC 2 compliance, means your documents are as safe as can be. With all contracts stored in one safe place, reduce the possibility of data breaches and the resulting fines and reputational damage.

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