DocuSign Integration

Get them to sign on the dotted line in seconds, all in one intuitive platform. 

Finalize your signatures faster (literally)

Send agreements out for signature and track their status with real-time updates. Sorry Caroline Counterparty, “I didn’t see it yet” ain’t gonna cut it.

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LinkSquares DocuSign Integration
LinkSquares Salesforce Integration

Superpower your sales team

Tired of leaving Salesforce to get a signature? Our DocuSign integration, well, integrates in Salesforce as well (all under the Finalize app), allowing Sales to manage the entire contracting process without leaving Salesforce.

Salesforce Integration

Keep your contracts close with Analyze

LinkSquares Analyze automatically sends your final agreements into a central contract repository for organization and data analysis, making it easier to store and find your contracts than scientists previously thought possible

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LinkSquares DocuSign Integration
LinkSquares contract management

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