Salesforce Integration

Chasing emails between legal and sales can be mind-numbing. Literally. So streamline your contract process with the Salesforce integration.

Collaborate with sales. All speedy like.

With the LinkSquares Finalize App in Salesforce, you can get agreements drafted and out the door faster with centralized communication and real-time updates. No more tracking down emails, manually tracking requests in spreadsheets, or feeling like a blocker in the sales process.

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LinkSquares Salesforce Integration

Request and draft contracts, right in Salesforce

Just fill in a few fields and the agreement will automatically flow into LinkSquares for Legal to review. Boom, no more disruptions.

Generate order forms in seconds

Automatically pull your most up-to-date pricing details from Salesforce into your agreements, letting sales create accurate order forms in a flash.

LinkSquares Salesforce Integration

Get to signature fast. Under 12 parsecs fast.

Send your agreements for signature through LinkSquares Sign or DocuSign directly from Salesforce – never waste time switching between platforms again.

Never miss a beat with Analyze

Sync contract data between LinkSquares and give Legal and Sales both a complete view of auto-renewal dates, cancellation terms, and anything else they need to know.

Get Organized with Analyze
LinkSquares Salesforce Integration
"It’s a massive timesaver for everyone involved, and it’s also helping us create better contracts and serve as better partners to our sales team. With LinkSquares, we’re minimizing risk and optimizing revenue while reducing time to signature by 50%."
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