Salesforce Integration

Streamline your contracting process by enabling Sales to draft contracts and access key contract info in Salesforce.

Collaborate efficiently with Sales

Work closely with your Sales team without leaving your respective tools. Get agreements drafted and out the door faster with centralized communication and real-time updates in LinkSquares and Salesforce.

Accelerate your deal cycle

Minimize disruptions in the Sales process and speed up contract creation by empowering Sales to draft and request agreements directly from Salesforce. Simply fill in a few fields and the agreement will automatically flow into LinkSquares Finalize for Legal to review.

Quickly generate order forms for Legal

Get agreements out the door faster knowing your contracts contain the most current pricing data with Pricing Tables in the Finalize App in Salesforce. Automatically sync pricing details from your company’s pricebook in Salesforce into your agreement in LinkSquares, enabling Sales to create accurate order forms for Legal in minutes.

Enrich your customer data

Sync contract data between LinkSquares Analyze and Salesforce to keep information accurate and up-to-date. With the Salesforce integration in LinkSquares, Legal and Sales both have a complete view of relevant information such as auto-renewal dates or cancellation terms without having to leave their respective tools.

Gain Full Control Over Your Data Sync


Automatically sync new and updated agreements from Salesforce to LinkSquares, including those from DocuSign or Adobe Sign.


Automatically sync your data from LinkSquares to a Salesforce custom field.


Easily drag and drop specific agreements in Salesforce for even more control over which documents get synced to LinkSquares.

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